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My mining app is showing 0 hash rate

If your app is "stuck" in Starting... and / or your calculated hash rate is 0:


First please go into the miner logs: 


And verify that the following message is showing up:�


If that's the case, it means that the mining executable have been removed or blocked by an antivirus or Windows Defender / Security.

Sadly the issue cannot be fixed by just disabling your antivirus or Windows Defender, you must download the miner executables and point the app to the new files.

You see, our app wraps two popular well know mining apps (executables), as specified on the download section: PhoenixMiner.exe for GPU mining and xmrig.exe for CPU mining.

Sometimes an antivirus or Windows Defender / Security removes the files, even if you have been running the app fine for some time, a Windows update or Windows security update can remove the files at any time.

To fix the issue, you must download the PhoenixMiner / xmrig from here:

  • PhoenixMiner (check the "Download the mining files" section of the article)
  • xmrig (check the "Download the mining files" section of the article) 

It is fine if you download the latest versions. You also don't need to download both, only the one you will use (PhoenixMiner for GPU mining, xmrig for CPU mining).

Once you download the file(s) unzip it and double check that the .exe files exists in your explorer, as even at this point an antivirus or Windows Defender could have removed the file.

Then, open the mining app and in the GPU / CPU mining selection screen, click the "Update miner location" link (on top of the Next yellow button):�


This input will show up:


You must then select the PhoenixMiner.exe (if you selected GPU) or xmrig.exe (if you selected CPU) location on your Windows Explorer, once you set it, click Next.

Your mining app should then start running fine, if that's not the case, please check the miners logs again to see if a different message show up. If you see the "Start the miner" message again, please retry downloading the files with your antivirus disabled!