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I haven't received my payout

If you don't see your payout arriving to your wallet or exchange, please first verify if it is correctly confirmed by the network.

Each transaction in a "Payment Completed" status will have a transaction id and be visible in a public block explorer, you can find it by clicking the link over the paid amount, for example, here is a BTT (BitTorrent) payout:


By clicking the link over the amount, you will be redirected to a public explorer (it will vary from coin to coin), in the case of any TRON supported coin / token it will be tronscan.org.

Once you are in the explorer, look for the transaction status, in the case of Tronscan, you will see something like this:

If you see that the transaction is CONFIRMED then we have sent the payout correctly, but it's up to your wallet provider / exchange to credit the amount to your account! Be sure to contact your wallet provider or exchange support if this is the case. 

However, if the transaction status is different from Confirmed, please contact us via email (kindly set "Invalid address" on your subject) for help!

❗ A wallet that usually have this issue is Trust Wallet, it can take some time for your transfers to show up in your balance if you are using their wallet app.